Marvelous in my Monday: Be a happiness hoover!

Hi there! I hope you’re all having a lovely Monday!

Having hinted to it several times in the past it is more than about time I publish my post on practicing positivity. The reason why it took me so long? Well, rather than not knowing what to write I had the problem of feeling I had too much to say. After some pondering I decided to break the – now pretty long already – draft post down into smaller ones and make it a series. Let’s say there will be a few more posts on positivity on your way – not a bad thing in my book because can there ever be too much happiness?!


What better time to share a post about positivity than Katie’s Marvelous in my Monday? There really isn’t – especially as it was in fact Katie inspiring my little happiness project. So special thanks not only for hosting but being a huge source of positivity, Katie!


Seeing as I plan on making these kind of posts a [more or less] regular installment on my blog today’s some kind of introduction. The how and why behind me starting my Positivity Project if you will.

Let me preface this by saying I’ve never been an all-out negative Nancy all day every day. But I did have these moments or even days when I find myself in an overall grumpy mood. Nothing seems to work, nobody has time for me, I’m bored.

Especially during the worst times of my ED I felt unhappy a lot of the time, never content with myself. While I was never diagnosed with depression my parents did voice their concern quite a lot of times. Not wanting to get up in the morning because that’d mean I’d have to eat, get going about my day and feel like I was never achieving enough. Looking back I can clearly see the signs of depression I was showing.


Though these times are long over I was still not as happy as I could have been back at the beginning of this year. When I first took part in Katie’s Marvelous in my Monday link-up party I thought my weekend had been boring and just not mention-worthy. But giving it some second thought I realized the little happy moments, the tiny things that had put a smile on my face …

Yogi tea wisdom

… like Yogi tea wisdom.

Ever since then I’ve made it a habit to reflect the happenings of every day and focus on the positives. Pursuing happiness is part of recovery for me. As often as you might have heard it already I’ll say it again: Happiness is a choice. Sure, we can choose to see the negative things happening in life and in effect be unhappy. But where’s the sense in that? Not every day is a happy day but there’s at least a spark of happiness in every day. Catch the spark and make it the one thing you remember most of that day.

Diverse_März 056

Just to give you some examples I’ll share one HIT [happiness inducer today] at the bottom of every post from now on. Yes, maybe you’ll laugh at just how ridiculously small and negligible these might be at times. From waking up to sunshine outside, seeing a beautiful flower on one of my walks to a hug it can really be everything.  Actually, it might even not necessarily have been the hugest happiness inducer of that day when it was one filled to the brim with them. My reason for sharing these, however, is to show that even the simplest things can brighten our days. Call me a happiness hoover soaking up every tiny spark of happiness if you will :D. Addicted to collecting happy moments? Why, yes, I might be.

[To be continued]

Happiness inducer today: Meeting a friend for a walk and conversation on a study break.


Tell me: What made you happy today?

Any other happiness hoovers out there ;)?