Thinking out loud #12

Is it just me or are Thursdays particularly long work days? The weekend is so close already yet – another whole day to tackle. Friday afternoon can’t come early enough for me. Maybe making this in-between day just a little nicer and worth looking forward to was Amanda‘s initial idea behind Thinking out loud?! Either way I’m glad to know there’ll be lots of fun randomness to catch up on.


1. In fact, I’m firmly convinced a little blog reading in between tasks at work makes me more productive. Aside from the much needed walking break which I don’t always get it’s a great way to relax my brain, get a reason to laugh or Now if only I didn’t have such a hard time to stop clicking on yet another link at times …

2. Look what I found when browsing the aisles at a department store recently …

Peanut Butter & Co.

Okay, name three excuses reasons why it’s absolutely necessary for me to splurge on one of those – and which flavour to try – and you’ll get a cookie. Alternatively just tell me that they’re completely overrated and really not worth buying at all [bonus points if you’re a convincing liar here].

3. It wasn’t until after I’d posted two weeks ago that I noticed I hadn’t shared a picture of the finished puzzle. I hope I’ll be forgiven by making up for my mistake now:

Disney puzzle

[Excuse the mess in the background: I was about to leave and tidying up clearly had last priority when everything was packed.]

4. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while already you know I’m far from a morning person and sleeping in is my definition of a perfect weekend morning. But for whichever reason I got up at sometime around 4.45 AM 😯 on Tuesday morning.

5. Humor me when I decided taking a shower right then and there was a great idea to be able to lie in later on. In fact, though, it was my only option if I wanted to take a shower in the morning. After that my roommate takes over the bathroom in the morning there’s no way to squeeze in more than ten minutes before I leave again. Not rambling on end here, though, as I feel we’ve worked out a pretty good compromise with me usually taking showers in the evening. Everything to avoid extra rush in my morning.

6. Getting out the measuring cups – something my family didn’t even own when I was growing up – for the protein cereal bars on Sunday was odd. No matter how long I’ve been trying recipes from US cookbooks and blogs I’ll still scribble down the amounts converted into metric measurements to help me during the preparation. Yes, I totally see it’s likely for the reason I grew up with it but using a scale seems such a lot more convenient than pulling out all measuring cups, guessing amounts at the supermarket [how many clamshells of blueberries am I supposed to buy if a recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups??] or not knowing how big exactly a big sweet potato is? Any help on how you organize your shopping without buying way too much or too little would be appreciated 🙂 .

measuring cup

7. Just like I can’t explain my unusually early wake-up time and shower above I have to laugh at myself cleaning my roommate’s pots and pans without her even asking. Ask my mum: According to her I’m the best ever at leaving dishes to soak in the sink for hours. But for some reason I find it oddly relaxing to do the dishes?! And I’m sure Kaila will approve of my Healthy Help. My mum would be so proud 😀 .

8. Granted, now that I think about it maybe it’s an [un]conscious way of making up for the fact I’ve been going for her granola box every so often? It’s the kind I’d never buy for myself because I either get bored before the package is empty or I go overboard resulting in a sugar rush. Oh the blessings of having a roommate who happily shares her food. No, she really does.


9. Because I apparently can’t end a random post without including a quiz here’s a recent favourite. Because you really need to know which cereal you are, right?! Oh, and yes: I got Raisin Bran.

10. I hope you’re having a happy Thursday! We’re so close to the weekend!!

Happiness inducing today: Birds chirping outside. Spring is going to be here so soon [hopefully].

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What’s your take on the peanut butter ponderings? Three good reasons?!

Do you have any fun roommate experiences to share?

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Measuring cups or scales when cooking and baking? Aside from the guesswork mentioned to me scales have the added bonus of less cups to wash afterwards.

Thinking out loud #11

With a writing assignment due by the end of the week at latest I’m thankful Amanda gives all of us a great excuse to forego a lengthy introduction on Thurdays. Let’s get Thinking out loud!


1. Returning to your apartment when you’ve been away for several months means many things. The most significant in terms of food, though: a serious lack of produce. And for whichever reason I had the hardest time deciding what to buy. The latter resulted in a serious strenght workout: carrying home several pounds of vegetables is just that. Simultaneously the up- and downside to living in a city and without a car: stores within [relative] walking distance.

… though I guess I actually looked more like him. Can anybody relate?

2. Cue ‘panic’ when I noticed all stores where either out of bananas [not a single one left!] or had only green ones. Obviously a #firstworldproblem but I know I’m not the only one who isn’t fond of running out of staples. Because I didn’t have any oatmeal in my pantry anymore, either …

February 18th and 19th 033

3. If I said anything about January flying by at lighting speed: February is in no way inferior to it. Are you sure it’s the 20th already?? Oh, first random thought: when talking about what time of a month it is do you group by 1st to 1oth = beginning, until 20th: middle and the remainder being the end, too? It’s probably weird I’m even thinking about this but according to my logic we’ve almost reached the end of the month already 😯 !? And it does not feel like that yet. Can we rewind back to the start, please?

4. In case you remember the gym story I mentioned in my last Thinking out loud post: there was a detail I forgot to mention but was reminded of when Megan suggested changing the elliptical. Definitely a good idea in theory but the gym only has a total of four ellipticals and all of the others were occupied, too. If that’s not enough to make you laugh: have a guess at how many treadmills there are. No guesses? One. And I was never aware treadmills could have an incline setting until I noticed other bloggers posting workouts mentioning it. Needless to say ours didn’t have one ;).

5. Apparently I have oddly sized feet: they’re somewhere between two sizes. For most shoes that means I need to wear not only tights but an extra pair of socks. Luckily they’re invisible – until I take my shoes off …


6. One thing I didn’t mention in my post on Friday:  my choice of dessert there. Frequent readers will know my inability to decide or pick favourites of any kind. So when it came to choosing a treat to submit Davida had to endure my pondering back and forth never actually sharing the plethora of ideas flying through my head. Oooh my.  Long story short: don’t be surprised if you see more single-serving desserts appearing on the blog – or in the case of failures hear me ramble about my oven or whom- or whatever else I can blame 😉 .

7. This article lists even more reasons to make a trip to IKEA again and made me smile because I actually got my first orchid there. Which now has a sibling because my mum was sweet enough to give me one of hers as a moving-back gift.

February 18th and 19th 040

8. One of the reasons I didn’t have a lot of [food or else] pictures to share yesterday was my apparent lack of coordination when packing. Just in time for my move my camera’s battery had died and I couldn’t find the recharger right after arriving. But …

last piece of the Disney puzzle

The very last piece.

9. … the last pictures I took before leaving my parents’ house, however, were announcing a triumph.The most exciting news to mention: I finished the puzzle! Granted, at the beginning I had my doubts of ever working it all out but once I’d gotten more into it the progress became more noticable. If it hadn’t been for those almost alike-looking pieces in the end again, though. Now to start a new one or not?

10. All is said and done for now except: Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Calling my mum. I miss her already.

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Running errands: the next workout trend 😉 ?

What are three staples you can’t live without?

Starting a new puzzle: yes or no?

Currently … February 2014

Hi! I hope you’re all wearing a smile to combat the [still] grey weather outside and make somebody else join you in the happiness. Fingers crossed the sun will make an appearance soon.
Eleven days [!] into February already I figured it might be fun to update you a little on some of my currents and it’s


Current book: A bit of difference by Sefi Atta. I just started it a few days ago so can’t say much yet. My mum picked it as a birthday gift and I’m keeping my fingers crossed she made a good choice.

Sefi Atta_book

Current music: Aside from last month’s happiness inducing tune an old favourite has been making an appearance again: Vampire Weekend.

Current guilty pleasure: Viber! Actually, it’s not so much of a guilty pleasure to begin with but the time I spend on it and especially the fact that it’s usually pretty late for me already when everybody’s on … Not the best when trying to go to sleep earlier. That being said I still don’t see myself giving up on it and if you’re using it, too: Let’s chat :)!

Current nail colour: Essie’s Jam ‘n’ Jelly. A late birthday present by my mum and I’m already heads over heels for it. Though can I just rant a little over the fact that we can get only a fraction [98 the last time I checked] of the colours available in the US and Canada over here? Not fair, Germany.

Current drink: Almond milk while I still can. I mailed the company and for whichever odd reason it’s sold in the tiny countryside town my parents live but not in the city I’ll move back to.

Almond milk

Current food: All the food. Moving at the end of this week means making a more or less successful effort at using up as much of my staples as possible. Looking at all there is I have a hard time believing it was actually just me buying all of that. Are you sure? I’m suspecting some kitchen elves sneakily adding random odds and ends to my pantry. Amidst all of that, though, there have been some new disoveries.


Blueberries – Chocolate with pink pepper – apple chips – dumplings [recipe to come]

Current need: More time with my family. These past two and a half months  😯 [really??] went by way too fast and there’s so much we’d planned to do but didn’t manage to squeeze in.

Current triumph: Four of my articles getting published in the newspaper the week after I left – and all on the same day.

Current wish: The last parts of the puzzle magically making sense to me and showing me where they belong. If any of you have some spare time to help please feel free to come over.


Current bane of my existence: Still spending more money than I’d like to. Budgeting hasn’t gone too well mainly because I tend to forget writing any and every purchase down immediately and little things add up. That’s not to say I was giving up just yet, though. There’s always a way to change things for the better.

Current outfit: Lace! I’m into all things lace and my mum – obviously knowing this – sewed me a new dress for my birthday because I hardly ever find all I want in any store-bought dress [but still own quite a few of those as well …]. While there are a few things I would have changed I’m obsessed with this lace application on the arms. And the colour, obviously. She knows me so well.


Current indulgence: Sleeping in. Soon enough the nights of ten glorious hours of sleep – okay, on the weekend and it was an exception – will be over.

Current procrastination: With the upcoming move back into my apartment I’ve been postponing the packing for days already and likely won’t start until the eve before our departure. Do you think my suitcases will magically pack themselves if I just wait long enough?

Current blessing: Maybe I’ll answer this in a similar way every time but it’s just true: my family and blends. Believing that everything happens for a reason I don’t think it was a coincidence these past days have shown me the truly amazing people in my life again.

Current excitement: If you asked my dad it should be this …

9. Februar 002

  Never mind that my dad’s phone still runs under the name of the lady he bought it from.

Our new car with all its gimmicks like a stereo that [supposedly] recognizes you phone via Bluetooth allowing you to play music from it [first test: fail], is voice-operated [again: fail when he tried it ;)], … Long story short: every man’s dream. But I’m a woman and just want a car to get me around. Sorry I’m not sorry.

My actual excitement, though, is being a tester for Kristy’s first cookbook. While I’m not allowed to share pictures on the blog yet you might want to follow me on Twitter for some first impressions …

Current link: Bloglovin. Right now that I have some time off I’m playing catch-up on blogs a little. Still just a little because for whichever reason my to-do list seems to grow by the minute though I’m not starting work again until next week. I’m clueless about how that happens …

Happiness inducing today: Playing Bingo with my mum.

Keep in touch!

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Are you using Viber?

Tell me your current

  • a) book
  • b) needs
  • c) food
  • d) blessing

Thinking out loud #6

Looking at the word count of this post I figure it’s best to keep the intro short. It’s Thursday which means only one wonderful thing: It’s time to think out loud again!


1. With only crumbs left in my current tin it was high time to get new rouge. A situation I simultaneously like and don’t. Like because who doesn’t enjoy the experience of something new [?!] but don’t because I dislike breaking the little flower imprint into dust. First world problems.

2. High time indeed because I’d never voluntarily leave the house without applying at least some rouge. The simple reason being that I’m as pale as can be. ‘Milk foam’ as Arman might remember me describing it. We’re not just talking winter months here but no real sight of tan during summer, either. Maybe I was born in the wrong century? I’d have been quite fashionable around 1800 if I remember correctly :D.


3. Does anybody still have lucky numbers?  Six used to be mine for many years throughtout my childhood so that’s why today’s sixth time of Thinking out loud got me thinking [ha!] of it. I can’t even remember which impact – if any – having one had for me but I know it was the six. For no particular reason or none I can’t think of right now but it was.

4. Random question:  Do you ever turn off your phone?  Until a mere few months ago I hadn’t regularly switched it off. I’ve been making a conscious effort to turn it off for at least a short time every few days since a major scare. Just imagine your phone turning itself off all of the sudden on a day out and about, not accepting your PIN and not working again until a call to the service center the next morning. Nerve-wrecking – and further proof how dependent I’m on technology.

5.  Further proof of taste function beating appearance:


Do you remember me mentioning the special hair treatment on Monday? That’s the lovely greenish-brown paste right there. Organic deep conditioner might not be the prettiest but smooth and shiny hair for days?  I’ll take the ugliness for that any time.

6. Promise me not to laugh, okay? Good. So … The puzzle  isn’t finished yet. [Didn’t you promise not to laugh??] Granted, I didn’t expect it to me given that a) I haven’t been working consistently on it and b) it had really been ages since my last time. I know it doesn’t look like much [or any] progress at all but there is.  Maybe 1,000 pieces are a little too much to get started again after years without puzzles? Either way, I’ve been trying to think about strategies [that would be my inner planner shining through again] to tackle it. One of those was setting aside all pieces that are part of the sky right away. Because it’ll take a while until I get there when starting at the bottom, right?


7.  One of those strategies was getting my mum to join the puzzle fun, too. Actually, she got curious and suggested helping me herself. I’d say we’re a good team – however, we don’t agree on the strategy I explained above. Don’t mess with my organization!

8. If you’ve seen my post yesterday you’ll know I baked Amanda’s oatmeal bars. One advantage of living on my own is not having to fight for the best piece. So yes, I obviously had one of the middle pieces first. Wouldn’t everybody do that?

Oatmeal bars_glass pan

9. What I didn’t mention, either, was that by baking the bars I put one of my grandma’s Christmas gifts to good use for the first time. These are glass storage containers that double as baking pans. Awesome, right? I’m probably the last person in the world to discover these and I guess you might be thinking: Why didn’t she use them any earlier? Technically I could have used them for storage purposes multiple times already. But same as with my special produce anxiety I always want to wait for just the right occasion to break into new dishes/boxes/you name it.   Just call me special around special items :D.

10. Now that all is said and done for this week – and I should get back to work: Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Catching up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years.

Puzzle fiends: Do you follow any strategies when doing a puzzle? Where do you start: left, right, top, bottom?

Random and inspired by Laura after last week’s Thinking out loud post: What time and temperature is it for you right now and where in the world are you? Shed some light on my time and temperature confusion :).

How dependent are you on your phone? Mine’s pretty much attached to me [but not to the degree that I’ll leave it one the table at meal times or during conversations] and I know that level of dependency might not be that good …

Thinking out loud #5

Coming from me as a confessed planner you won’t be surprised when I say I enjoy having a clear blogging structure: Mondays are marvelous, Wednesdays aren’t meant to be tackled on an empty stomach and Thursdays are great for thinking out loud. It’s nice to know what to expect. That being said you can still never know what exactly has been on everybody else’s minds [or plates] so there’s that element of surprise. All well rounded out in the end again, I’d say? Thanks to Amanda for her help in sorting out my Thursday blogging schedule – and some inspiration you’ll find further below …


5. Not only am I a moon watcher but pretty fond of the sun, too. Don’t you agree Winter sun has a very special light?

Winter sun

2. An embarrassing confession: I can’t read temperatures. Okay, that’s not actually true. But when first reading the current temperatures on some of my US blogging friends I only had a very rough idea of the actual cold you were going through. Imagine my gasp of shock when I heard the ‘translated’ numbers [read: in degree Celsius] on the radio. Any of you poor guys are invited to come over and hibernate in the almost spring-like weather around here.

3. While we’re at it I can just as easily admit I’ll never figure out the time difference in between countries. I’ve gotten used to most comments happening at a time when I’m fast asleep but never ask me what exaxt time it’d translate to. Add in that the US itself is split up in different time zones again and I’m completely puzzled. Luckily, Arman figured out what time each us of in our very country had to post Amanda’s birthday surprise so they’d appear at the same time. Merci, mon ami.

4. Talking about that post: yes, I had every intention of including some spoons in it. However, it’s not the most ingenious idea if you don’t think about taking a picture until the very last minute before posting when the light situtation is far from ideal. Some of my unsuccessful [and impatient] tries:


5. This happened. Sue me – but how could I say no to that offer?  Actually, you might want to be proud of me for buying just one clamshell of blueberries leaving the remaining one and a half dozen at the store.


6. Has work picked up its usual pace for all of you right away? It’s been incredibly slow and uneventful for me these past days. The bane of a newspaper office waiting for the year to get started and offer up new topics. I still really like the job but I get bored pretty easily when there’s hardly anything to do. Something please happen in my neck of the woods!?

7. I did end up finding productive use for those hours of sitting around, though. In case you’re wondering: lots of free time means lots of blogging time. Ssssh, don’t tell. While I can’t access the internet from my laptop I’ve had a good time drafting some posts for the week [like this one] because the office atmosphere is close to perfect for this. Close to meaning: there’s hardly any distraction and I don’t have a few dozen other tabs opened at the same time.

8. If you read yesterday’s post chances are you noticed me mentioned I’d treated myself to something I’d been eyeing for a long time already. Here’s what I was talking about:


I had meant to get a puzzle for ages already – inspired by Amanda’s showing pictures of hers months ago – but it wasn’t until I saw this motive that I splurged. Which is pretty unusual for me as I’m not an impulse buyer. But I figure when it comes to treating ourselves it’s okay to change habits and splurge a little at times?!

9. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a puzzle. Apparently so long my parents were really puzzled [no pun initially intended] and asked if I actually enjoyed them. We’ll see but how could I not with that picture?!

10. After typing #7 I ‘confessed’ to the co-worker sitting opposite of me what I was doing when typing on my laptop. Can you tell I felt guilty for blogging at work?! Luckily, he agreed with me thinking it was just another way of improving my writing skills. And there we have reason #1384590 why blogging is awesome :).

Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Starting to work on a new article on a topic

When was the last time you treated yourself and what did you do/get?

Are you a fan of puzzles? Do you do them regularly?