Food Talk Wednesday #5

It’s the season! Shorter days, colder [but luckily not yet much darker] mornings – Autumn/Fall is fading in faster than we know it. In fact, you’ll all be aware today marks the meteorological start of the season. What I do know for sure is that I appreciate the gifts its bearing: – especially all. the.winter squash/pumkin.[ <- is there any difference?? Enlighten me!] Something that will be there during all the seasons, making us [bloggers] feel at home? What I ate Wednesday. Upon finishing this post, I actually noticed I’m coming full circle here as I wrote a similar post  last year. Would you have noticed? Thanks to Jenn for hosting the first What I ate Wednesday of the season!

Food Talk Wednesay_logo

Colour me orange – because that’s what my skin will look like in a few weeks. Self-tanning breakfast? Absolutely. I just can’t get enough … Kabocha. And … peanut butter. While our harvest – my mum’s been growing kabocha for me for the past ~ six years – isn’t overly huge it tastes all the better. Luckily, a certain grocery store has started carrying kabocha [though apparently just for a few weeks], too, so I’m stocking up while I can. Now onto a highly debated topic: the best way to prepare kabocha. It breaks my little squash-adoring heart to see people roast [and at worst: peel!] this wonderful vegetable. Trust me: simply steaming kabocha – no salt, no spices – creates the most amazing taste experience. If your squash happens to be perfectly ripe, that is. I’ve had some mediocre ones that I unwillingly had to use up until moving on to better ones. But no kabocha shall be wasted.


Lunch contributed to my pumpkin tanning as it featured an all-time favourite: vegan pumpkin cheese sauce. This plate of sautéed cauliflower and wheat berries turned into a crave-worthy dish when adding the sauce. It’s so good I wanted to eat it by the spoonful [and I may or may not have …]. Despite its appearance I assure you I didn’t have Shrek in mind while preparing this.

kabocha_vegan cheese sauce_wheatberries_chickpeas

None of my days is complete without snacks. Actually, rumor has it they make up the largest part of my intake. Oops? What can I say: I’m a snacker, no, grazer. Yet it’s impossible to capture every morsel that enters my mouth so I just captured a seasonal one for you: raspberries. Yellow raspberries at that because they are even better than regular ones. I’m trying to claim dibs on these but some days I have to share.Which I guess is only fair since my mum grows them 😉 … Yellow raspberries_fruit

On another snack note I was successful in scoring a few reduced cups of Fage – and even my favourite flavour. Now I’m just a little worried the store is about to discontinue selling them but: live in the moment. Meaning I’m enjoying the ones I have and then see what will happen. Plus: it’s just food. Delicious but in the end just food.

Fage_Greek yoghurt_jam_blueberry

Once more no dinner picture … A few years ago, I had a full-blown obsession with pumpkin oat bran – more self-tanning power 😉 – but have been too lazy to prepare my own pumpkin puree in a long while. No canned pumpkin available in stores over here means I’m stuck with my usual oat creation for dinner – and I can’t say I was complaining. Cocoa banana oat bran with almond butter and a sprinkle of sea salt perfectly fits the bill for autumnal [or any season, really] comfort food. No picture because hi, carbs after dark [read: no, I don’t mind what time I eat which macronutrient. But pictures taken after sunset don’ turn out pretty anymore this time of the year. We can’t have everything [read: squash, colourful leaves and good lighting] at once. If you’re curious to see how everybody else has been ringing in fall, hop over to the What I ate Wednesday shenagigans!

Happy first Wednesday of Fall!

Happiness-inducing today: Noticing my mental arithmetic skills aren’t as bad as I’d assumed. Tutoring helps!


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What is your favourite way to prepare kabocha? Please do me a favour and don’t insist on roasting it but give a gentle steaming a try just once. Like I said: if you picked a perfectly ripe/starchy one you won’t regret it!

Tell me your current go-to breakfast! How often do you change it up?









It’s a thingamabob Thursday! [Thinking out loud]

Oh hey, it’s Thursday – and yes, I’m actually surprised by that. I feel we just started this week which might have to do with my to-do list not getting any shorter – quite the contrary. I’d better keep the intro short and get started on that. Don’t forget to stop by our host Amanda’s blog and wish her a [belated] happy second blog anniversary!

Edited to add: Exciting news [to me at least and you can pretend to agree ;)]: I just got notice the internet should be installed in my new apartment next week already. So no long blogging break – fingers crossed!


1. Maybe I need to make ice cream more often. Why? It had been cold at the beginning of the week [see #3!] but the day I decided to finally get serious about ice cream creating the sun came out in full peak again. Hello, back to 75 °F after days of wind and somewhere around the 60’s.

2. Speaking of that ice cream: Would you like to see the recipe? Like I said I’ll be gone from the blog world for a while but I’d probably manage to find some time to get that post up before we leave tomorrow still.

2. Fashion and me: If tone-in-tone was the worst of all fashion sins I’d have committed a major crime recently:


Will you believe me when I say I didn’t put this together intentionally? The lowdown on the outfit:

  • Rosé-coloured shoes because they’re the only ones I have at my parents that my inlays fit into.
  • Red tights because their colour makes me happy and they’re super comfortable [you ladies will know not all tights are created equal!].
  • Red coat because it’s light enough for the current weather plus the only water-resistant one I have around here.
  • Madison Ave-hue on my nails … Because I felt like it?? Okay, I have no explanation for that one but all of my nail polishes are shades of red/ pink/ coral.
  • And my phone cover because …  it’s always that colour.


3. Did you and your parents leave notes for each other back in time? Or maybe you and your roommate/ significant other/ cat/ dog still do?? I vividly remember those exchanges and more often than not they were of the demanding to-do list nature. In hindsight, I think I was actually likelier to follow those than the lists I’d written for myself. Hm … Maybe I need to pay others to write my to-do lists …? Anyway, the note I found on Monday was a lot better:

August 26th and 27th 009

Translation: “The radiator is on.”

Written on the back of an empty Lindt wrapper from the bar I’d finished the night before and had left on the table no less. Can you tell we’re avid paper savers over here? Or probably just not feeling like looking for a proper piece of paper when in a hurry.

4. If you remember my post from last week you’ll know I’ve been enjoying the bounty of my mum’s garden. Can we agree that yellow raspberries > red raspberries?! By lengths. Even if that means I need to fight for them. Or just be the first in the raspberry bushes every day. Good thing I got that covered for today already heading there right after my morning walk.

yellow raspberries_mums garden

5. Not one of my favourite parts about the countryside: happenings like the one I experienced the other day. When buying a handful of ingredients – some bananas among them – the corny old man in front of me at the check-out put a goods divider in between our purchases. Only to then say: “Or else you’d have had to eat your bananas at my house tonight.” Insert me giving him an unimpressed look which he apparently took as an invitation to add: “Which – I’ll be honest – I wouldn’t even have minded.” Ugh. And yes, I let him know in bored voice I would have minded, thankyouverymuch. Oh, the random people … Sure, you can find those guys in cities, too, but around here the likeliness to meet them again is that much higher. Fingers crossed it won’t happen because the cashier gave me a knowing look and told me he was a regular.

6. On the note of that goods divider: I had to look the word up because it’s not one I’d use in daily life. Do you know when you’re looking for the name of an item to tell somebody else but you realize you can’t for the sake of it? Like that stick you use to divide your purchases and the ones of the person in front or behind of you. Or that thingamabob used to clean blocked drains? Do you know what I’m talking about??

7. Thingamabob might also be one of my mum’s favourite words. Hardly a single day she doesn’t suddenly throw it into a conversation. I wonder if that’s inheritable. In that case don’t be surprised by me talking  about various thingamabobs in future posts. You know what I actually mean, right??!

P.S: Autocorrect knew the word thingamabob but not words like ‘favourite’ written the English way. What does that tell me [aside from the fact my laptop’s apparently running an American dictionary]?

8. It’s bittersweet to end this post not knowing when we’ll talk again – we will for sure, hopefully rather sooner than later – but it has to be done so: Have a great Thursday! Talk to you soon[ish].

Happiness-inducing today: Getting to do some editing work for my dad.

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Tell me whatever comes to your mind and something that made you happy today!



Currently… August

Even with an as-of-yet non-existent blogging schedule it’s that time of the month again. Wait, not that time. You know what I mean: it’s August already [insert comment on how fast time is flying by] so why not give an update on current life happenings?

Current book: Too many and none. I keep piling up books from the library and attempting to read all of them yet not being completely drawn in by any of them. Right now I found one that is acceptable for a quick mindless summer novel. A sweet nothing [in a good way] in written form if you will.

Sweet like sugary frosting as you’d guess from the title already: How to Eat a Cupcake is the story of two women who used to be best friends as children – Julia, the careless child of rich parents and Annie, their housekeeper’s daugther – but broke apart due to happenings in their teenage years. The story is how they meet again and – despite their anger – decide to open up a café together which involves quite some drama [men, secrets, vandalism, …]. It is told interchangeably from Julia’s and Annie’s perspective which is a way of writing I enjoy.

Current drink: Alpro Coconut drink.

July 23rd 024

I used to only drink calorie-free everything but how much fun is that in the long run?  At first try this seemed way too sweet for me despite containing no added sugar. Now, however, I’m completely smitten with it and will pour myself a cup several times a day. Creamy, sweet, refreshing. I wish I liked it less because a) it’s a bit expensive for going through a litre in three days and b) I soon won’t be able to get it anymore [see current procrastination].

Current food[s]: Not new ones but rediscoveries have been the motto for me  all around lately.

Hazelnut butter.

Picture dump_July 032

There are no words. Or maybe: hand me a spoon, please. I’d been putting off purchasing a new jar for months because it’s ridiculously expensive.  So when I noticed it was on offer at the health food store I had to pick it up. That was only days ago and half the jar is gone already.

Raspberries. Their season might be over soon so I need to make sure to get my fair share in while I still can. Or hope for my mum’s to grow soon so I’ll be able to scope up a nice lot when I’m at my parents’s soon. She grows ‘late’ raspberries which ripen around the end of August or even a little later. Meaning that by combining the store-bought variety and hers I get to lengthen the season. Win!

July 23rd 016

Peas: It’s no secret I like legumes but peas are one of those unsuspecting ones I tend to forget about. Childhood memories with every pea I eat because they made frequent appearances on my plate when I was a little one. But now I’m quite fond of them as you might have noticed in the cheesy vegan gnocchi recipe.

Current nail colour: Essie’s Madison Ave-hue was on my nails a lot again recently. I’m about to change colours again, though.


Current blessing: The weather. It’s been perfect these past days: sunny but not too hot. Today actually being the exception because Germany is currently drowing. It’s pouring buckets.

Current needs: Somebody to help me pack or Mary Poppins’ witchcraft to shrink all my belongings and make packing easier. When in the world did I gather all those kitchen gadgets, clothes and food 😀 ??

Current procrastination: packing. I had yet to mention it on the blog but I’m about to move in a little over a week. Right now the sadness of leaving the city and beautiful apartment I’ve grown to feel home in during the last four years is overwhelming and putting a damper on my mood. It doesn’t help that my new place will be in the middle of nowhere with hardly anything around and I’m not sure about the job itself, either. There’s a lot going on in my mind right now but I’m still ttrying to figure it our myself. Trying to stay positive but it’s not easy.

Current bane of my existence: Fruit flies. Vegetarian or not: I respect many creatures but fruit flies are none of those.

Current wish list: Not having to move. Okay, as this one’s out of question: Family time. Aside from sporadic meet-ups with my mum I haven’t been with my family for longer since I moved back into my apartment in February. I’ll likely spent the time in between moving and starting my new job at my parents’ place in the countryside.

Current link: Lifehack. Procrastination? Maybe. A lucky bag of awesome advice? Absolutely.

I hope your Monday started in a marvelous fashion and the week will follow suit there for all of you!

Happiness inducing today: A chat with a random stranger [more on that in a future post!].

Stay in touch!

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Any packing tips? How do you decide what to throw away and what to keep [also memory-wise]?

What’s your current

  • book
  • food
  • nail colour
  • wish list
  • blessing?