Marvelous in my Monday: It’s the simple things

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? I hope Spring has graced wherever you live with lots of sunshine and nature awakening from its [too long] winter slumber, too.


After two weeks in the city there was nothing I longed for more than seeing my parents again. Despite no real plans on hand we never fail to share some good times whenever I visit. And who am I to deny it?  I’m a country bumpkin and proud of it so being in the countryside immediately brightens my mood, too.

Pretty in pink.

Pretty in pink.

Nothing beats waking up to birds chirping outside my window. Leisurely walking around the house marveling at the flowers my parents planted and tended to. Here’s to hoping their green thumb is going to rub off on me one day, too ;).

April showers bring ... April flowers?!

April showers bring … April flowers?!

My evening walks in the city? Sure, I do enjoy them. But when given the choice I’ll always pick strolls through the woods or fields. There’s something special about not only being outside in nature but nature in the countryside. Even on my run on Sunday I could tell the difference. Does anybody else get the best ideas ever while running outside? While it also happens for me on my city runs I noticed how much more creative my thoughts were while passing cows, horses and small villages. A more natural, spacious environment also allows my thoughts to flow much better. Now if only I had a thought recorder in my brain to keep all the ideas until after my run :D.

On a walk

Grammar nerd alert: I’ll trade a „k“ for a „g“ , please ;). Dashing to the supermarket to stock up on my fake Greek yogurt – the German “Quark” – I had to find they were sold out. Bummer. However, I happened upon these …

Can you say score?

Can you say score?

Fage on clearance? Only fellow foodie friends [alliterations make me happy] will understand my delight at the sight of these. Especially now that they were discontinued around where I live – after such a short time already, mind you! Naturally, I grabbed four of the six containers still available and walked away an even happier girl.

Even more smile- and happiness-inducing, however, honestly was the time spent lying in the sun, discussing politics and chatting with my parents. I love them more than any other people and feel blessed to have them in my life.

Adoring my mum's beautiful table decorations.

Adoring my mum’s beautiful table decorations.

One thing that made today marvelous already was our beautiful host Katie’s post about her amazing baby shower. I’m so happy for her!

Did you grow up in the countryside or the city? What’s one thing you especially liked about where you grew up?

When do you have your most creative phases? Running and generally moving around outside gives me such a lot of great ideas.

What was the last surprise you happened upon in the clearance section? I’m pretty sure the Fage cups had been waiting there just for me to pick them up ;).

Marvelous in my Monday: Weekend of marvelousness

Hi there,

Did you have a good start to the week?

Mine started in a bright mood due to having had one of the best weekends in a long time. Seeing as it truly had a lot of marvelousness I’m linking up for the sweet Katie’s Marvelous in my Monday party.

What was so marvelous about my weekend? Well, I got to see three of my favourite people and spend quality time with them.

First up was a desperately needed visit – almost two months had passed since my last one! – at my parents’ place. They don’t live incredibly far away but enough to be on the road for about three hours. This might not seem like much but sometimes it’s just not worth traveling if I’d end up only having a day at home. Also, my parents enjoy have other plans for the weekend.

Being in the countryside makes me happy.

Most marvelous was simply spending quality time with my mum and dad. We didn’t have any exciting plans but didn’t feel we needed them. When you haven’t seen each other in that long simply being together is enough, don’t you think?

Marvelous 8+ hours of sleep in one of the quietest and most comfortable places in the world. While I like my flat in the city I can’t deny the fact that my heart still belongs to the countryside. It’s too beautiful a place to not miss it when I’m away from there. Home truly is where the heart is!

… or home is where the dancing robots are. My mum has fun putting up odd little decorations like these.

Marvelous was conquering a “fear food” by having rice pudding just like my mum used to prepare when I was younger again. Well, sort of … Mum used to prepare it “in bed” meaning she brought the milk and rice to a boil and then wrapped it in her thick blanket to finish. Did anybody else’s parents use that method, too? I got impatient after a while and continued to cook it on the stove, admittedly. Still a tasty treat I hadn’t had in a while due to fearing it might not be filling enough. Crazy ED thoughts …

Taking the tiny bit of leftovers back home with me. I’ll make sure to have rice pudding more often again.

Marvelous was skipping my run though I was slightly anxious due to not having worked out the day before, either. But spending time with my mum made up for it!

Marvelous was baking my parents’ favourite cookies and seeing their happy faces. My mum has been too busy to start Christmas cookie baking though she’d have liked to. My dad was jumping at the special cookies the recipe for which comes from my paternal grandma.

(sorry for the bad cookie picture but foggy days don’t make for the ideal photography lighting)

Not the special cookies mentioned but another family favourite I baked.

Marvelous was listening to Christmas compilations – hello, Michael Bublé – and not having my parents protest :D.

While leaving my parents again after only a scant two days was sad it was …

Marvelous to see the boy on Sunday. While it hadn’t been quite as long since we’d seen each other it still was about time J. No special plans here, either, just a movie which admittedly wasn’t thaaat great and spending lots of time with each other. The best way to end a week!

What was your favourite part of the weekend?

Which are your favourite Christmas songs or compilations?

Did you already start baking Christmas cookies? Do you have special secret family (cookie) recipes you make every year?

Let’s get happy!

Hi everybody!

Sorry I haven’t been posting in over a week. I meant to but then life got busy and kept me from writing a post. Hope all of you are doing well!


Life can’t be all sunshine and rainbows every day – that’s a truth we’ve all learned. But that doesn’t mean we have to silently accept this. Recovery from an ED, stress in university and life in general can put a damper on my life. I have, however, found some ways of self-therapy. Let’s get started!


I just love the colour of these shoes!

While I do know that some of my earlier motivation to run came from my ED it has changed. I’m no longer dragging myself out when I’m exhausted. When I do, it’s not mainly because of the physical effect – though it sure is a nice benefit – but because of it being a great way to relax, sort out my thoughts, find inspiration and new ideas. Running simply makes me feel good.  And can I just say I love wearing running gear?


Not the prettiest of all ovens but it’s getting the job done just fine.

I love to bake. Ever have, ever will. My earliest memories go back to the days of cutting out simple sugar cookies – and fighting for the best cookie cutters with my sister – during Christmas time. Decorating them with way too much icing and colourful sprinkles was necessary.

What’s not to love about freshly baked cookies? Tasting the dough might be my favourite part of baking, though.

Whether it be cookies, muffins or bars: The oven will get even more play during the the colder months. Nothing like the intoxicating aroma of freshly-baked goods to brighten my mood. It undoubtedly is the part of my therapy my friends (and the occasional prof in uni 😉 ) enjoy the most.  Nussecken, anyone?

Making myself feel special.

One of my favourite fragrances of all times.

I usually save perfume for special occasions but some days I just apply some to show myself appreciation. In addition with wearing pretty dresses it makes me feel special and … what can I say? I’m a woman.


Mmmh! Can’t say no to good chocolate,

While it certainly can’t bring world peace or solve every of my problems chocolate is the best first aid for days I’m feeling down on. Yes, I might feel a tad guilty after eating it at times but noticing how it can lighten up my mood eases my anxiety at the same time.

Family and Friends.

A walk with a friend can brighten my day in no time.

Most important and certainly some of the best therapists one could ever find. Accepting me the way I am, forgiving me more often than I’d deserve, offering to come over with chocolate when things are getting complicated. While going home spontaneously isn’t always an option during the semester I love being able to count on my friends. I’m so glad to know them!

Handmade by the best pen-pal ever.

How could I not like people giving me gifts such as this cute little guy? Thanks, Caren!

Let me know: What are your favourite ways to brighten your day?

What’s your favourite fragrance?

Random: Which bands, singers and songs have you been liking lately? I’m getting bored with my playlist and would love to hear your recommendations.