It’s all [edama]me to me

Yesterday was all about me and spilling the beans. Today’s What I ate Wednday is about edamame – the one and only bean of the day. Tomorrow’s Thinking out loud will be about me and you and no beans – it’s a post dear to me so I hope you’ll chime in. But one day at a time so here’s to another volume of What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday partying.


Obsessions. We all have them. Those foods you [re]discover and then can’t get enough of anymore. By now you likely know I have a soft spot for a certain legume. But that actually applies to most beans. You name it – I’ll tell you my favourite ways to eat it.* The star of this post came back into the spotlight unexpectedly. My freezer might just be a shoe box-sized compartment of my fridge but it’s still surprisingly good at swallowing foods in its back. That’s where I found a half pound-bag of edamame lurking and how it all got started.


*unless the variety’s not available which is the downside of living in Germany.

First up was the inclusion in my go-to kind of meal: a stew. More specifically an edamame and carrot stew in a curry-infused tomato [soy] yogurt sauce. Alongside roasted potatoes which I finally (!) tried after seeing them in Amanda’s WIAW posts several times before. So simple, so good. Did I mention the dipping action going on?!


But today’s about edamame. The best part of this magical bean is – as opposed to other legumes – its slightly higher fat content. Read: it’s even creamier and more delicious. Following a recipe from a cookbook – yes, it happens once in a while though you know my usual source of recipes –  I tried Appetite for Reduction‘s Edamame Pesto. Actually, this was one of my savoury breakfasts and involved Slim Pasta which I’d gotten for review a while back. After my previous trials with shirataki pasta I was skeptical what to expect. Each package contains 200 g [7 oz] of pasta and is supposed to serve two yet I expected to need the whole bag to get satisfied given the low carb content compared to my standard breakfast.

Slim pasta_shirataki2

Which surprisingly was not the case and that’s to say something from somebody who usually needs huge servings. My verdict?  It’s better than regular shirataki yet the texture is definitely chewier than ‘normal’ pasta. The positives are that – made from konjak flour – it’s suitable for many diets like gluten-free, low carb or vegan. However, the price is rather steep so on a budget it’d be more of an occasional treat than a regular. Mock pasta with mock pesto? For breakfast. Sounds strange but good to me. If you’re curious about the pesto recipe: there you go! It’s not your average pesto but really good nonetheless.

Disclaimer: Slim Pasta sent me a bag of their product free of charge. However, I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Slim Pasta_shirataki

Edamame, however, is clearly in my budget. I’ve been snacking on it like it’s going out of style. Or at least like it won’t be available for long anymore. Which might very well be true because it’s very hard to find over here. I’d better fuel the addiction while I still can. Plus I’ve been eyeing a certain salad recipe… Can you guess what’s on my shopping list for today?

Ending on a sweet note once more: ice cream. Free ice cream. My boss generously paid for this when our team met up a while ago and I somehow never posted it but found the picture on my phone again today. It actually was a little challenge because despite the heat on that day I was the only one craving ice cream. Usually reason enough for me to pass on it, too, as it feels weird to be the only one eating. Long story short: I got my ice cream, others saw it and joined in sponatenously and those who didn’t missed out. Big time. Mango sorbet made solely from organic mangoes and agave? Win.

DasEis_Mango ice cream


Happiness inducing today: Chatting with a neighbour I had yet to really talk to for long while he let me use his printer after mine refused to work. Double happiness?!

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What’s your favourite way to prepare edamame?

Do you have any current food obsessions?

Does anybody want to teach me phone photography? I’m clearly well off not using Instagram…


Thinking out loud #15

It’s time for short introductions and a post full of randomness again! Say hi and thanks to Amanda for hosting our countdown-to-the-weekend party that is Thinking out loud.


1. Starting with what’s the most prominent and at the same time most puzzling topic on my mind: cats. Whether this was sparked by Emily and Lionel, Jan’s constant cute kitten pictures or some entirely different reason: I’ve found myself reminiscening my childhood with cats. And yes, I somehow wish I had a furry little roomate around again.

2. Don’t be surprised if one of my next What I ate Wednesday is entirely picture-less as per Jan’s suggestion on Twitter. But essentially WordPress conspire against me yesterday. When I tried to embed the pictures in my WIAW post a new tab would pop up trying to make me purchase a new Avira software. Thanks but I’m fine with my current one. I somehow managed to work a way around it but I’m not happy with the outcome. For whichever reason I can’t change the size of my pictures and add a border anymore? Technology and me weren’t made for each other, that’s for sure.

3. Channel your inner Britney Spears: Ooops, I did it again. Picking up one of my favourite topics to marvel about from last week’s post: cosmetics. I can’t help my curiosity when it comes to new [non-expensive as I might have to point out] products at times. And as apples are some of my favourites how could I not?! Add a “limited edition” tag to the equation and the money is as good as spent. Now why in the world I bought cleansing tissues when I actually clean my face with facial lotion and cotton pads is a different question.

March 26nd 017

4. For all fans of cold food [read: not me] I happend upon this gem of an article just a few minutes ago. In case anybody feels inclinded to try all of these. The peanut butter cups are an obvious one – how else to eat them but cold?! – but some of the others… No, just no.

5. Fishwell…

March 21st to 25th 035

Given the fishy smell of the ‘pasta’ pre-rinsing the brand name of the shirataki pasta I’ve shown in yesterday’s post wasn’t the most unsuspicious in terms of vegetarian-suitability. Plus, I’ve actually never liked fish anytime in my life so there goes this.

6.  Not to go all negative nancy here but there are two things I don’t look forward to about the weekend. First: the [shoe box-sized] freezer department of my fridge is frosted all throughout because its door wasn’t closed all the way. Meaning I’ll have the pleasure of unplugging my fridge, letting it defrost and thorougly clean it. Oh the joy 😉 …

7. Plus, there’s the wonder that is daylight savings stealing a precious hour of sleep from our Sunday mornings. Is it really time already again?

8. However, just like last week I’m choosing to see the good in the bad which isn’t too hard:
1. Daylight savings mean it’s light outside for longer – never mind that it’s some kind of a human-made cheat – every day afterwards. If that’s not reason to rejoice I don’t know what would be.
2. A clean and functionable freezer – even if just shoe box-sized – means the opportunity to -finally- have frozen bananas, banana softserve and else again. Yay!

9. We can’t end without a little more random fun: what your favourite pizza topping says about you. I’m apparently super chill and easy to be around. Okay, who wants to be friends 🙂 ?

10. Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Chatting with a friendly stranger at the gym.

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Do you have any advice on my WordPress picture troubles? All of a sudden it’s not possible to add a frames or resize them anymore.

Aside from that: Share some random thoughts with me!


Eating [on an] off schedule

Time for another round of playing the food show-off known as What I ate Wednesday via our lovely host Jenn. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure if I’d tag along this time because I usually take pictures of my meals on the weekends only. Weekdays? Taking pictures in the morning would require extra time [that I don’t have – just imagine a headless chicken running around and yes, that’d be me]. However, yesterday was the perfect relaxed opportunity to take pictures and eat. Because for the record: I don’t enjoy eating at the office. Then again: does anybody?? Long story short: here’s [part of] what I ate yesterday with a side of some recovery chat.



One of the main points I still have to work on majorly in my recovery is straying from set meal times. Eating on different preset [by work or the likes] schedules. In short: not making time matter over hunger cues. A day off work and therefore sleeping in yesterday gave me the chance to test out the waters again on an off day. Sleeping for [too] long throws me and my appetite completely off my usual habits. Some pre-breakfast snackage happened.

Almond butter 006

Breakfast… happened a little later after waking up than usual because I could and because I wasn’t forced to eat in time before getting to work. Now here’s a little secret I never shared. The one reason why I hardly share pictures of my breakfasts or dinner is not just the lack of time and light. It’s also that – differently from other bloggers – I hardly ever transfer all of my oats to a bowl. Not that I hadn’t tried before but I’m honestly not a fan of how quickly the oats drop their warming temperature. Cold oat bran? Not for me. That’s why I serve it up in the pot and continue to eat it in smaller bowlfuls that I top with almond butter*.  Another bonus: I get to mix cocoa into just half of my oat bran so I have part banana oats/ part chocolatey oats. It’s the way I roll[ed] the oats 😉 .

oat bran_breakfast* In case you’re wondering: it’s not a die-hard habit. If I need to adapt and have breakfast at work I can just pack things up and go.

Snack #1 was a funny encounter that allowed me to tackle a fear food once again: avocado. I’d bought a package of shirataki pasta – yes, roll your eyes at me – out of curiosity when I saw they were on offer at a store. Knowing these wouldn’t satisfy me but making use of their low-calorie tag I stir-fried them with some garlic and odds and ends [read: leftover zucchini and tomatoes] and covered them in avocado sauce.


Not something that’d ever keep me satisfied as a real meal but that’s what lunch was meant for: savoury baked oats. Initially, I was feeling like having polenta but noticed I didn’t have any left so I simply cooked rolled oats and wheat bran in water, seasoned it. Stirred in a spoonful of nutritional yeast and added a mix of sauteed vegetables on top. Blame the grey skies at that point for the less-than-stellar picture but it didn’t lessen the meal’s quality. Or let’s say it was interesting and still needs some tinkering to get a full sign of approval.

baked oatmeal_polenta

In terms of recovery this was a good day because I tried new dishes, tried to strain from my usual meal times and not focus on the fact of how hungry I was compared to other days. It’s all a work in progress but I feel I’m getting there. Slowly but surely.

Happy Wednesday! Now go and get inspired over at Jenn’s or the [past and future] Vegan Wednesday board(s)!


Happiness inducing today: A conversation with a friend overseas. Time difference be damned but still.

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Shirataki pasta: Have you ever tried it? What’s your take on the non-noodles?

Do you have any odd eating habits? My oat bran one might rank among those but I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.