In need of …

Done! My first exam of the semester is over, phew! Unfortunately, there’s much more to come still. Hope I’m not sounding whiny! I know I’m not alone on this one and keeping my fingers crossed for all of you who are in the middle of writing essays, studying for exams and wanting for it all to be over. Thinking about that makes me long for the end of the semester which will feel amazing. Trying to look on in a positive way: Enjoying all of the things below will feel such a lot more deserved. Is anybody with me on that one? Without further ado, here’s what I’m currently longing for.

… time to read

Books I

I have several books from the library as well as own ones begging to be read. Well, let’s say this isn’t likely to happen by the end of the week and some have to be returned soon.

… more chocolate (or not?)

Chocolate III

Studying makes me crave chocolate even more than usual and having two squares of Lindt a day turned into four. I’d lie if I said this didn’t make me feel guilty but I’m trying to tell myself it’s temporary only.

… fresh air and nature

Out and about

Returning from university late in the afternoon when the sun already fades doesn’t leave me with an opportunity to enjoy the little sun we’re getting these days. Keeping with the positive attitude: There’s at least Sunday as a class-free day allowing me to go for a walk 🙂 . Though Winter’s playing catch-up after a warm start into the year and it’s getting coooold.

… sleep


Okay, I have to blame myself for this one. Starting to study in the evening – because I need to run errands/go for a run/rest right after classes certainly isn’t a smart move. Note to self: Less than six hours of sleep aren’t nearly enough.


… my family

Coming back home to my flat after spending Christmas break at my parents’ house was seriously hard. I had such a great time with them – I even gave sewing a first try 😀 – so I look forward to seeing them next week. My mum and dad gave me theatre tickets for Christmas so that’s where we’ll be headed to. Even though it’s just a few hours I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

… the perfect birthday cake


With my birthday coming up soon and one of my goals being to have a “real” [read: not overly healthified] cake it’s about time to start searching. Last year, I had this Deep-dish Cookie Pie which – while good – wasn’t a hit with my non-vegan/vegetarian family. Do you know any awesome vegan (birthday) cake recipes?

Hope you’re having a great Monday!



What are you in need of at the moment?

How much sleep do you usually get?

Which was your best Birthday cake so far? Links are appreciated!

Are you going chocolate crazy when studying, too? Please tell me I’m not the only one :D.