Friday Favourites

Hi! Long time no talk – or at least it feels like that. What can I say? Life is life. Did I really just refer to that awful song?? Crazy things happen when you don’t watch your mouth fingers typing. Going on. For a little change I thought I’d share some of  the little things  that make my life better as of now.

1. Spring! Oh, you mean I mentioned that one before ? I’m afraid you can’t keep a country bumpkin from getting happy at the sight of the first flowers awakening. It’s obviously not quite the same in the city but a literal walk in the park works.


2. The sun and walks. Unfortunately, my hip has been in pain again so running is not in the picture for me right now. Instead, I’ve been indulging in walks as often as I could. Just me or does the sun never cease to bring a smile to your face, either? Granted, it might have to do with blinking because you forgot your sunglasses [not like I ever did …] but it usually turns into a real smile not to long afterwards. Endorphines.


3. Something else that has certainly helped me boost the amount of those little endorphines lately? Kinder chocolate. It’s so weird and not me to reach for milk chocolate. In fact, I didn’t have any in my apartment so picked up a small box of the Easter edition at random. However, I’ve stepped up my game and ‘graduated’ 😉 to the larger box yesterday.

On a recovery-related note I will admit that I’ve felt guilty about buying, eating and enjoying a non-dark chocolate bar that is so far from vegan. I still like the darker bars more but I’m working on convincing myself that variety is the spice of life and eating Kinder bars is perfectly okay. I gave up eating fully vegan as a result of listening to my cravings so if I crave dairy milk chocolate: so be it. To end this unneccessarily long ramble: Satisfying our cravings is  part of intuitive eating and normal. Any guesses what I’m currently eating?


4. Scented candles. Yes, I’m aware it’s getting warmer but we’re still not talking about actual summery temperatures so I’ll keep lighting scented candles every now and then. The other day I walked into a bookstore – technically a book store but they sell all kind sof odds and ends, too – and found Yankee candles for the first times ever. I know they’r epopular in the US but not over here so you might be able to imagine my excitement.

I didn’t end up buying one because the pries left me in slight shock but it’s so tempting I might end up splurging on them after all one day …

And that’s all from me for now as I have yet to hear of any self-cleaning apartments. Too bad if you ask me seeing as mine could use a major spring clean-up. I’m linking up with Heather and Clare today and will talk to you again on Sunday for some good reads.

Happiness-inducing today: An unexpected postcard from a friend currently traveling the world.

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Your turn: what have been some of your favourites lately?

 Are you a fan of Yankee candles? If so: what are your favourite scents?

Thinking out loud #5

Coming from me as a confessed planner you won’t be surprised when I say I enjoy having a clear blogging structure: Mondays are marvelous, Wednesdays aren’t meant to be tackled on an empty stomach and Thursdays are great for thinking out loud. It’s nice to know what to expect. That being said you can still never know what exactly has been on everybody else’s minds [or plates] so there’s that element of surprise. All well rounded out in the end again, I’d say? Thanks to Amanda for her help in sorting out my Thursday blogging schedule – and some inspiration you’ll find further below …


5. Not only am I a moon watcher but pretty fond of the sun, too. Don’t you agree Winter sun has a very special light?

Winter sun

2. An embarrassing confession: I can’t read temperatures. Okay, that’s not actually true. But when first reading the current temperatures on some of my US blogging friends I only had a very rough idea of the actual cold you were going through. Imagine my gasp of shock when I heard the ‘translated’ numbers [read: in degree Celsius] on the radio. Any of you poor guys are invited to come over and hibernate in the almost spring-like weather around here.

3. While we’re at it I can just as easily admit I’ll never figure out the time difference in between countries. I’ve gotten used to most comments happening at a time when I’m fast asleep but never ask me what exaxt time it’d translate to. Add in that the US itself is split up in different time zones again and I’m completely puzzled. Luckily, Arman figured out what time each us of in our very country had to post Amanda’s birthday surprise so they’d appear at the same time. Merci, mon ami.

4. Talking about that post: yes, I had every intention of including some spoons in it. However, it’s not the most ingenious idea if you don’t think about taking a picture until the very last minute before posting when the light situtation is far from ideal. Some of my unsuccessful [and impatient] tries:


5. This happened. Sue me – but how could I say no to that offer?  Actually, you might want to be proud of me for buying just one clamshell of blueberries leaving the remaining one and a half dozen at the store.


6. Has work picked up its usual pace for all of you right away? It’s been incredibly slow and uneventful for me these past days. The bane of a newspaper office waiting for the year to get started and offer up new topics. I still really like the job but I get bored pretty easily when there’s hardly anything to do. Something please happen in my neck of the woods!?

7. I did end up finding productive use for those hours of sitting around, though. In case you’re wondering: lots of free time means lots of blogging time. Ssssh, don’t tell. While I can’t access the internet from my laptop I’ve had a good time drafting some posts for the week [like this one] because the office atmosphere is close to perfect for this. Close to meaning: there’s hardly any distraction and I don’t have a few dozen other tabs opened at the same time.

8. If you read yesterday’s post chances are you noticed me mentioned I’d treated myself to something I’d been eyeing for a long time already. Here’s what I was talking about:


I had meant to get a puzzle for ages already – inspired by Amanda’s showing pictures of hers months ago – but it wasn’t until I saw this motive that I splurged. Which is pretty unusual for me as I’m not an impulse buyer. But I figure when it comes to treating ourselves it’s okay to change habits and splurge a little at times?!

9. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a puzzle. Apparently so long my parents were really puzzled [no pun initially intended] and asked if I actually enjoyed them. We’ll see but how could I not with that picture?!

10. After typing #7 I ‘confessed’ to the co-worker sitting opposite of me what I was doing when typing on my laptop. Can you tell I felt guilty for blogging at work?! Luckily, he agreed with me thinking it was just another way of improving my writing skills. And there we have reason #1384590 why blogging is awesome :).

Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Starting to work on a new article on a topic

When was the last time you treated yourself and what did you do/get?

Are you a fan of puzzles? Do you do them regularly?