It’s always tomorrow somewhere.

Oh, hey, it’s Thursday again. Lucky you [or me, really] I’ve been hit by a random thought to share after spending some time in the dreaded blogging funk bubble. It’s not a happy place to be but  so far there’s always been an escape at some point so let’s get thinking out loud with Amanda.

Raise your hand if you’re a fellow tomorrow sayer. And please tell me I’m not the only one. I can’t be.
Isn’t tomorrow an awfully amazing word? It’s a promise to take things into action yet not. Allowing for that last minute change of mind or simply postponing it to another tomorrow.

Traveling somewhere that requires me to leave my comfort zone? Tomorrow. Definitely checking train tickets tomorrow.
Finally sorting through the growing piles of unworn clothes that you can’t seem to let go off? Oh, tomorrow for sure. The weather’s just too nice outside today.

Trying that yoga class in town being the completely unflexible person I am [and risk making a fool of myself]? Tomorrow sounds like a great time …

Tackling another goal on my [recovery] list. Today’s really not the day because [insert whichever reason] but I’m sure I’ll feel ready tomorrow.

And yes, tomorrows have happened. Sometimes more semi-tomorrows in terms of checking items off my lists. Tomorrow have proven to be good times trying new food and discovering that my fears were arbitrary to begin with.


Tomorrows have been times to travel and see new places [or old ones again] …

Yet even if we enjoy ourselves at that time it’s easy [for me at least] to see those memories fade faster than anything once we settle back into a safe routine.


No matter how long my to-do list for a given day is: tomorrow’s will be even longer and I won’t even need to tell you why …
I am and have always been a worrier. Maybe it’s ingrained in us humans [only some were better at loosening up in evolution]. It sure made sense when you needed to be aware of hungry beasts lurking outside your cave.Cautiousness pays off when you’re a little red-capped girl crossing a dark forest to visit your grandma [wolves and all that, remember?]. Even in today’s world it’s smart to wear a security helmet when heading out onto the road. Staying inside and avoiding the dangers of traffic or the woords altogether isn’t, though. Yes, there can be dangers. Yes, there’s the possibilty of risking some looks in that gym class. But there might also be fun and adventures waiting to be discovered by us. Who knows? Certainly not those staying within their comfort zone.

Walking through the forest
But being the word and grammar nerd that I am and complaining about time differences [they really annoy me to no avail when it comes to communicating with friends overseas] it hit me: it’s always tomorrow somewhere. When I’m about to go to sleep millions of Australians are welcoming my tomorrow already. So where’s the point in delaying?

I’m not writing this post because I developed the magical ability to turn my mindset around with a simple snap of my fingers. But I do believe it’s possible. Every day is a new chance. And today might just be the tomorrow to make things happen. Right?
Just like today is the day to hit publish on this post. Sure, I might let it sit another day and find an insanely unique and different way to write a sentence here and there. But chances also are I’ll never post it then.


Happiness-inducing today: Discovering that while I might not have a green thumb [at all] getting your hands covered in dirt and planting kabocha seeds [fingers crossed!!] is quite relaxing and distracting.


Stay in touch!

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No questions today but any random thoughts that come to your mind.


The secrets to great blog posts? [+ my struggles with them]

I’m still in disbelief of the enormous response to my recent blog post. If you’re a ‘big’ blogger you might be used to that happening on the regular but for me it was a shock. Albeit of the positive kind. The reason why I didn’t expect anything like this? This very post was probably the least edited and touched up I’ve written to date. All it was meant to be was a reminder to myself. A reminder that while recovery isn’t easy and I have ‘those’ days everything is better than falling back into old habits. Skinny can’t hold a candle to life.

Thank you

Thank you once more for commenting and sharing – and by that I don’t just mean via social media but sharing your own experiences and stories in the comments. It meant the world to me.

In trying to understand why the post went viral I noticed a few [apparent] ‘secrets’/reasons so they’re what I’ve been thinking about [and only now out loud].

Maybe it sounds ridiculous to an outsider – wait for it, I’ll explain in a moment – but my first thoughts were: How in the world could that post be my most shared, commented and recommened yet? Don’t get me wrong. The post, the message – it was 100% me and meant that way. But: I’d spent a fraction of the time I work on many other posts on it. No writing and re-writing it for days. Yet – maybe that was the secret? Maybe you related so well because it was raw, authentic and not me trying to meet any expectations of myself or anybody else?


Write just for yourself and like nobody’s reading. Like I mentioned above that post was written for a simple purpose. I hadn’t planned it nor did I edit much. It just came about while eating dinner on Monday night and looking back I honestly can’t see why I published it.

Keep the editing to a minimum. This one’s really hard for a perfectionist like me. But looking back at why some of my past posts didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore once published and why the response was shy I saw: I’d out-edited my personality. If I couldn’t recognize myself again in these – how could any readers?

Don’t be afraid of speaking your mind. We can never please everybody else [old news, I know] but that’s actually what keeps blogging – or any kind of socializing – interesting. How boring of a world would we live in if everybody agreed with everything we said? No, thanks, bring on the discussion!


The reasons why I haven’t been following these rules in many of my previous posts? For one, I’m still not feeling confident enough in my writing. I’m not a native speaker and sometimes feel I can’t articulate the exact points I want to make as well as I would in German.

More so, however, there’s a worry that was implemented throughout my ED: the fear of not pleasing others or – worse – rubbing them off the wrong way. It makes no sense when you think about it. I want to be easy-going, speak my mind – and all too often let perfectionism hinder me. Realizing this now I could have published a lot more posts that are 100 % true to me – a peek into my drafts folder would tell you – if it wasn’t for my inner critic stopping me. Saying that somebody else has said it better before or will potentially do in the future. And yes, the pond of blog post ideas might not be endless so a topic we pick up could have been featured elsewhere before.

But it’s about the individual spin. No  two people and their opinions are exactly the same and not every of your readers will have seen that post about  [insert topic] by [insert blogger] before. So let’s be bold. Go out and say what we feel like saying. We’re writing for ourselves after all, remember? So that post I talked about recently? It wasn’t last week’s. But now it will see the light of the day. Maybe nobody will care. Maybe some people will disagree. It shouldn’t matter as long as it’s genuinely what I feel like sharing.

Dance like nobody’s watching. Write like nobody’s judging. It sounds pretty good to me.

Happiness-inducing today: Some good news on a day that overall wasn’t too amazing. It’s about focusing on the little things [broken record but true].

Stay in touch!

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Following along the spirit of this post and Thinking out loud: Speak your mind!

Don’t hold back. [Thinking out loud]

Happy first of May!

Just a warning ahead: today’s post isn’t the usual cheery array of random thoughts I usually go with on Thursdays. Instead, I’m taking up Amanda‘s invitation of Thinking out loud to [finally] let go of what’s been on my mind lately.


How are you? Can you recall how often you’ve been asked this everyday question this month so far? This week? Or even just today? How many times you smiled and said ‘fine, thanks’? And: how many of those times you were being honest? Unless you’re in the enviable and – let’s face it – unlikely situation of living the perfect life 24/7 you will probably have glossed over the truth at least a little. Or a lot. Because no, we’re not always feeling fine. Life can be a tough game to play at times throwing you curveballs when you least expect it. Yet we still don’t feel comfortable baring out true emotions towards others. Admitting we’re having a bad day, a rough week or even a general funk we can’t seem to climb out of. Maybe it’s because we’re having stress at work. A serious fight with a friend or loved one that we can’t get off our mind. Changes ahead that scare you. Whatever it is:


“But people ask just out of habit – they don’t really want to know how I am.” <- Wrong. No, not everybody wants to or is prepared to listen and give advice to you. Rambling on about personal problems to your boss or the cashier at the supermarket probably isn’t the smartest choice. However, there are people in everybody’s life who genuinely care and will listen – if you ask and open up. Blends were my saving grace these past days once more.

For me, it’s been a rather long-term turbulence I have yet to sort out completely. However because I was worried that others would judge if I opened up towards them or think of my problems as inane I kept silent. Or tried to switch topics when it came to talking about my current situation. And sure: that strategy of avoidance works for a certain time. But as the problems and the anxiety persist it becomes hard to keep up a cheerful mood. Don’t feel like you had to – others aren’t expecting you to be the strong person all day every day. There are many reasons why – taking a clue from Amanda’s motto for today’s link-up – saying it out loud* is a wise choice:

1. It helps sorting out your thoughts: Sometimes we’re stuck because there are a million and one thoughts flying around in our head and we loose ourselves in them. The mere act of telling somebody else forces us to bring them in an order and can help us see the facts more clearly.

2. Getting a new perspective: Allow others to assess your situation from their standpoint. They might be able to see points you overlooked or – if you had an argument with somebody – understand the others’ perspective and lay it out to you in a different way. It’s never a bad idea to get a variety of outlooks on your situation to find some clarity and structure.

3. Knowing you’re not alone: Whatever is keeping you from being your happiest self might have – in one or the other way – happened to others, too. Simply hearing that somebody can relate and (!) knowing they were able to work their way out again can be a huge relief.

4. Give and take: Maybe somebody else needs somebody to talk to right now, too. And if you open up towards them offer to listen to their problems, too. Actually, I’ve often found myself able to get to the ground of my own struggles better when trying to help others with their worries.

5. Distraction: Even if there’s really no way others can take the urden of your struggles off your shoulders a chat about whichever random topics is a great way to get your mind off of them for a while. Never underestimate the powers of some beauty or recipe talk in times of change and worry :).

 * sorry to all Twilight fans but I’m not going to post that picture you’d expect here. Go and ask google. (:

I’m not posting this to ramble about how hard I have it or for sympathy. My intention in sharing these thoughts to encourage you to reach out. Because I know for a fact I’m not alone in holding back and thinking I had to work things out on my own. Tell others how you’re actually doing. Don’t bottle up your feelings because you want to seem like a strong and happy person on the outside. It only works for so long and then your feelings will overwhelm you. Call a friend. Mail somebody. Write a blog post about your feelings. Find your outlet and let others know you need some help. I’m here to listen, too.

 Happiness inducing today: Sleeping in thanks to a national holiday.

Stay in touch!

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No questions today – just your thoughts on the issue. And: How are you [really] doing today?

Moving back[wards] to move on

Yes, that title will make sense in a minute [or two or three], I promise.

But first off: Happy Monday! I hope you either spent the weekend in a warm place [I wish!] or well bundled up on the couch. More the latter in my case but who’d complain about an excuse to cozy up inside when it’s freezing outside. Not like I hadn’t gone on a wonderful run to warm up, though – I’d intended to go for a walk but that was just not happening with a look at the thermometer. Hard to believe that meteorological winter is still weeks away and it’s already sooo cold. Okay, enough of the cold wimp whining 😉 and onto the marvelousness of the past days. Thanks to Katie for inspiring us to overlook the cold celebrate all the blessings and good happenings in our lives every Monday!

MiMM_newIf you’ve been reading for a bit longer already you’ll know that I’ve been in what I’ve called the Waiting Game for quite a while already. Searching for jobs and internships is no fun long-time occupation so I can now finally let you know I’ve found something. It’s just temporary and nothing fancy but my December will be spent as a working girl again! Where? As I said: nothing fancy. Prior to starting my Journalism studies I’d interned at our local newspaper for about one and a half months. I’d been considering to apply there for a while already but not taken the step because I was hoping to find something closer to where I live. Long story short: I’ll be back at their editorial office and writing articles come November 25th.

Getting the news was truly marvelous after months of sending out applications, waiting and my self-confidence dropping with every denied or simply not responded to application. Happy girl alert. Only … as mentioned above it’s at the local newspaper in the area I grew up in. Which means I won’t be able to stay at my place but have to move [temporarily only for now]. Move back in with my parents again, to be more specific. And that’s something I’m ambivalent about. What can I say? I’m not calling myself Little Miss Worry-too-much for no reason.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my parents and miss them. But moving back home again after years of living in my own apartment [with a roommate but that’s basically the same, right?!] is … weird. I’m used to my independent ways, organising my life the way I want it and – admittedly – city life. Yes, I’ve gushed about the countryside in all its beauty and being a nature girl. Yet at least at my age it’s nice to be back in the hustling bustling city after a weekend stay down there. Just in case you’re a number fiend [I’m so not :)] we live in a village and the town closest by has little more than 8,000 inhabitants. True countryside.


Working will obviously keep me busy during the week and I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited. Laugh at me but I’m even fond of revising other editors’ articles. Yes, grammar nerdiness at its best. Don’t you enjoy telling others how to write their texts ;)?? What? Just me …?! I may or may not force offer my revising services to family members whenever they’re working on some kind of text that’s going to be published. Yes, I like it that much. Words are my world.


What I’m worried about, however, are workouts and weekends. Weekends because all of my friends from school have moved just like I did and there’s not much to do over there. Workouts because I can’t see a way of fitting in runs during the week when working from 9 to 6 with an hour-long commute. Sorry if I sound whiney but I rely on my workouts to destress. Calm my mind. Get those awesome and addictive endorphin rushes. I’m still somehow hoping to find a way to join the local gym for a month only without paying an arm and a leg. Or better yet asking my parents to do it – oh the wonders of unpaid internships …


But this post wouldn’t fit into the marvelous category if I didn’t see the upsides, too. Moving backwards to live at my parents and interning with an editorial staff I already know might be a door opening up for positive change and thereby moving on. I haven’t even mentioned all of it but there will be a lot of changes and challenges coming up for me. One of them being family meals. I’ve never mentioned it before but despite my visits at home these are still a struggle. Partly because of my fears, partly because of my mum’s unwillingness to plan and cook meals with me. Chelsea recently wrote a great post on the benefits of family dinners so I’m hoping to make these at least a Sunday tradition. Along with a movie night every now and then? Would be perfect.

Another marvelous part of living with my parents? Cookie baking! There’s little else I can get this excited about in terms of holiday foods. Living at my parents I’ll hopefully be able to engage in a lot more of this than past years when I had a hard time going through what I baked. My mum will probably even be happy for me to take over some of the baking duties – or so I hope.


All of these changes will challenge me. For now I know I need to stop worrying and let things happen. Trusting in them to work out. Because they will … or so I hope. Here’s to moving back and moving on.

I hope you’re having a great start to the week! Make it marvelous!

Happiness inducing today: Some fun kitchen shenanigans.

Did you [have to] move back in with your parents after graduation? How did that work out for you?

Any advice on the workout situation?

Random: Favourite Christmas cookie recipe? I know it’s technically too early but the temperatures don’t make it feel that way.