App-solutely addicted [Thinking out loud]

It’s that time of the week again to break with conventions or structure and follow Amanda’s lead to think out loud. Without further ado: let’s get random!


1. Imagine turning off your phone for its daily break. Imagine trying to turn it back on and – nothing happening. And now imagine all of this occuring on a Saturday with no chances of either having that phone fixed or getting a new one. Let’s say those were three interesting and revealing days until buying a new one yesterday. I’d pondered getting an iPhone but.. .I never realized just how expensive they were 8O. More than 800 $??! For now say hi to my new toy phone:

new phone_Samsung

2. Most of you will have watched this video below before. In regards to that the loss of my phone was a blessing. It’s incredible – dare I say: shocking – just how much I depend on my phone. Watch? Notebook? Alarm in the morning? ” Taschenrechner “? That’d be my phone. I’m not even sure my watch’s battery is still working. Most importantly, though, I actually took notice of things and people walking around. No, I didn’t meet my future husband [ watch the video if you haven’t] but it reminded me once more that I can carry my phone in my purse without looking at it every two minutes, too. I can’t risk missing Mr. Right when he does turn up one day, huh?

3. One of the fonts on my new phone is called Chocolate Cookie. Mmmh, cookies. Only I have yet to figure out the reasoning behind this. Can I get Cookies ‘n’ Cream or PB & J next?

4. If you couldn’t tell from the phone talk yet: I may or may not be slightly [read: completely] excited. The major change? Upgrading to the S4 gave me what feels like hundred times as much memory space. Hello, new apps I don’t actually need ;). Now the huge question is: to join or not to join Instagram? Every blend has been telling me I should forever but I’m a little scared to get completely addicted. Thoughts?

5. For now I need to start praticing my phone camera skills. Proof that I have a way to go – and that there’s a way for lazy smoothie makers to get their greens in:

20140702_Smoothie powders

That would be powdered broccoli, hibiscus, kale and spinach. I guess it makes sense keeping in mind fresh kale won’t be available for another three or four mounths over here and spinach isn’t found all around, either. Still… I don’t know.

6. Why in the world I as a non-coffee drinker happen upon all of those coffee links? I don’t know. What I do know is that there is a huge caffeeine-crazy bunch of you out there so here’s that for all coffee snobs:

7. You know my preference and the one thing coffee will never be able to compete with: wise words from the Yogi.

Giving is the art of life.

Giving is the art of life.

8. … and sharing is caring so I’ll keep sharing my Yogi wisdom with you. Let’s just say I have a nice backlog by now – the life of a tea addict.

9. I just noticed we haven’t talked Disney in a while so who’s your new BFF? If you’re looking for me I’ll be out in the woods with Pocahontas. (:

10. Happy Thursday and to all US readers: happy long weekend!

Happiness-inducing today: A text from a blend I hadn’t heard of in a while.

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Which app(s) are your favourites/ can you not live without?

Who’s your Disney best friend?

If you live in the US: What are your plans for 4th of July?

Weekday-confused soccer ramblings with a side of Yogi wisdom

Whether it’s the heat, the rain in between or just for no apparent reason: my brain is all over the place so I won’t go into lengthy introductions but just start the Thinking out loud right away. Thanks to Amanda for hosting – I’ll forgive you making me jealous with all of your pictures from Blend.


1. If I didn’t know it better I’d have sworn today was Friday already. Not that wishful thinking wouldn’t be able to convince me of that every week. This week is especially puzzling, though, because Monday was off due to a holiday. So Monday felt like Sunday and Tuesday like Wednesday. But yesterday my mind decided to go forwards instead of back so I thought wished it was Thursday the whole day. Don’t ask me why. At least that means I’ve basically finished the post for the parfait recipe from yesterday’s WIAW because I’d meant to publish it on Friday. Which … is not today.

2. Speaking of work:  I got a work phone. The prospect was exciting because I’ve never had one and liked the idea of playing around working with a new phone. Cue disappointment when it turned out to be this. Which is a little outdated …

Random_June 023

Now I might have only had my Android for about two years but I was already a little puzzled working with an old-fashioned phone again. It still has… keys. Is anybody else surprised/ shocked how soon that has become a rarity for phones?

4. The second disappoinment when getting the phone was that not only did I miss out on a chance to carry around a Blackberry or the likes – which I’ll admit I never even guessed – but it even lacked games. Given it’s an old one I’d hoped to find Snake among the pre-installed games. It was the first game I ever played on my mum’s phone way before I got my own and I wouldn’t have minded a little repeat.

5. With my now abundant supply how about sharing some wisdom?

Yogi wisdom

We can always start anew.

6. On a last note: the soccer World Championship starts today – and I couldn’t be more surprised or less interested. I’m likely the least informed person ever when it comes to soccer [or any other sports]. If the weather is playing along my roommate and I might actually venture out for some public viewing. Not rooting for any team, though, but gushing about the best-looking players and soaking up the cheerful atmosphere. Despite what I just said I wouldn’t object if the German team won a few games because seeing happy people’s mood – no matter for which reason – is infectious.  And who’d object to that?!


Happiness inducing today: A much-needed phone conversation with my mum.


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 Tell me whatever comes to your mind!

Waiting for the weekend [and Thinking out loud]

Another one of those weeks. Those weeks when Friday can’t come early enough and Thursday is its welcome preliminary sign. Add in that spring’s supposed to make a glorious return this weekend. Needless to say a fast-forward would be really appreciated. But then again that’s mean skipping our weekly Thursday blogger get-together. And Amanda wouldn’t be the only one not quite appreciating that. So let’s get thinking out loud while we wait for the weekend!


1. When I posted about the granola yesterday I thought it was good but actually hadn’t decided if the recipe was worth sharing yet. Insert it as a delicious saviour when a serious pang of afternoon hangriness hit me at the office yesterday and a side-by-side comparison with my roommate’s granola and my decision is made: yes. Come back tomorrow if you’re on the lookout for a crunchy new breakfast,  WIAW reading fuel [<- this was me yesterday] or treatment for lovesickness [I haven’t tried it yet but who knows?!]: here’s one. But I know you don’t honestly need me to tell you the 1,000+ ways and reasons to eat granola. Because you’re smart cookies and it’s granola after all. Plus it contains pistachios so what’s not to like?

May 036

2. Ground[breaking] news I couldn’t let any of you coffee addicts out there go without: this is happening. Way to fuel the addiction to no end. Just think about the possibilites: Coffee Coffee Cake topped with coffee ice cream and with a side of coffee. Caffeine overload?!

3. Not so much of an overload but rather a lack are some not so awesome news I got. Do you remember the tea shortage I mentioned last week? Turns out the company is discontinuing it. Whyyy??? Needless to say I’ve been trying to stock up on any remainders in stores close by. With a rather sparse yield but every box counts.

4. On a positive note I mentioned Yogi was the only other brand producing a chili tea. Given my massive tea consumption I’ll now have a constant supply of sometimes puzzling wisdom. Not to spill too much yet but I’ve been pondering to start a new little series on the blog…

Yogi tea wisdom

5. Speaking of discontinued favourites I was reminded of a sad moment in the life of my [rough guess] nine-year-old self. When one of the two monthly magazine I spent my pocket money on was discontinued. Honorable mention to Disney – it’s been way too long sincs the last time – because it was their Minnie Mouse Magazine. Luckily, the other one – GEOlino to all German readers – is in print to this day still. And on a random note still one of my dream places to work at.

6. Proof that my impatience knows no limits: earlier this week when I was looking for a certain lunch box. When I hadn’t found it within two minutes of searching I called it quits. Time is precious. Granted, it might have had to do with this being on a seemingly never-ending day of work and returning home soaked wet after a downpour. Really, though: time is precious. Also, I still swear somebody stole all of my tupperware. At least I still had my thermos.


Still, I figure it’s about time to go  lunch box shopping. And probably another whisk. Just don’t ask about my progress here next week…

On that note I’m off to make some progress in the new book I’m reading. Happy Thursday!


Happiness inducing today: Randomly finding two more boxes of my favourite tea in a store that had seemed to have run out already for weeks before.

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Which magazines did you buy throughout your childhood? Do they still exist?

Has any of your favourite products [food or non-food] been discontinued before?

On tea, t-shirts and twerking [Thinking out loud]

Sometimes I really don’t know what to post but still feel like posting [does that make sense?] which is just perfect for Amanda‘s Thinking out loud. Thanks for giving all of us an opportunity to let out whatever is on our minds. After last week’s rather serious intervention I’m back to rambling on about all kinds of randomness. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a more [or less] strucutured post for the Tortilla Bake recipe I mentioned yesterday.



1. Judging from the number of posts in my draft folder there are apparently many topics I mean [or once meant long ago] to talk about to you. However, the longer a post sits in that folder the less likely it is to make its way out again. Because then my need to proof-read and edit until the end of time sets in… Perfection is the death of creativity. Remind me of that one…

2. First world problem alert: I’m almost out of my favourite tea and … it’s sold out in around here. Granted, I didn’t actually check every of the chain stores carrying them but all [six?] in my proximity. Supply difficulties?! Somebody please tell me you experienced this with a favourite product before and it was just a matter of months weeks until it reappeared on the shelves.

April 018

3. Anyway, I did what a girl’s to do and looked for a poor good replacement. Browsing many aisles with promising tea names. Sorry for any fans of Caribbean Dream, Creamy Caramel or Crème Brulee but all these come down to is flavoured roibosh. And I’m not a fan of that. At all. So …

4. Yogi tea to the rescue! Something quirky here, though: while both teas are called Sweet Chili and organic the taste and price difference is noticable. Am I probably paying twice the money for Yogi’s wisdom??

April 021

Learn with empathy.

5. And does anybody else ever feel confused by some of the wisdom?

Love is the answer.


I like that one but: Can I get some time to think about the question first??

6. Do you ever feel confused by washing machines’ endless choice of programmes?  A male  [sorry for the cliché but it’s true] friend of mine posted about this on Facebook earlier this week. Apparently annoyed he was supposed to bother with choices like “Super Eco” or “Dessous” and wondering if there couldn’t be just one program: dirty clothes. Best piece of advice he got: “Just press shuffle and enjoy ;)!”

7. Talking about clothes I had to think of Arman and Laura when I saw a girl wearing a shirt similar to this one:

Should Germany have actually gotten on board of the twerking train without me noticing it?! Maybe I need to pay closer attention to those guys in the lifting room at the gym [not an area you’d usually find me in] on my next visit…

8. Only two more days [does anybody else include the day they’re saying it on if it’s in the morning?] until the weekend! Never mind I have to work for a few hours on Sunday.

9. Remember me talking about my most used kitchen utensil? That post was knocking on wood because the one shown bit the dust a few days ago. It still works in a way [did I mention I’m frugal] but it’s an odd sight.

10. Because I can’t think of anymore to say but won’t end on an odd number: Happy Thursday!


Happiness inducing today: A relaxed morning off of work.

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Tell me whatever comes to mind!

Are there any other tea snobs out there?